Touched and Untouched: The Cure to Cancer

By Seth Batiste

Hear touched and untouched moaning. But also hear the sobs coming from the heart, another heart, on another worried day. Two forked paths of complex communication that seems so lucid at times only to flutter.

Hear the touched and untouched moaning. Listen only to not listen, to table the day, to table the noise as if by doing so will make noise disappear. A problem does not simply go away without a good stare at it.

Any cure to cancer will come because there is a level of dedication to actually curing it. Hmmmmm. Often, the best solution is already available to be dominated, to be replicated; however, the best is rarely seen. Too often, “best” is a gimmick, staged, on stage…and faded to black.

Oh, Nakita, you’ll never know.  

By postponing, ignoring, worrying and tabling this and that, the wheels begin to lose their grip of the pavement. The “I love you.” kill switch stops what could harm.  Does not the child do this over and over again in a childlike game, covering his own face to disappear?

How noisy is the ignorant silence against the well laid, pained landscape… How winged the apologetic expression without the solution. Nothing great happens when it is locked in a cage.

Problems rush and take flight as they are played over and over again, never being deleted until the real catalyst of a solution is offered. Like this brain and know these determined, carefully placed words: Don’t change, get better. Unsolved problems left to linger often support the creation of bad, while addressing them can spring life.

A hug or the right words or a song can solve problems, but a communication problem is solved in one way – with a solution. What will happen again will happen again because problems are dearly loved? Satisfaction is lost with labored, wayward communication that takes for granted.

Communication moans and is unaware of its own labor. Without it, bad things grow, logic defies.

Until then, there is only moaning…the touched and untouched sound of it.