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At Batiste Consulting, LLC, we connect individual and organizations in higher education and K-12 to solutions. Bring us your most challenging issues. Cheers.

– Dr. B.

Axolotl Coding Is Open for Business

Brothers Sullivan and Stanton have decided to open a game coding business. "I think it is mostly for anything," says Stanton. Stanton's immediate plans include creating a logo for the upcoming Axolotl Coding webpage and featuring the first game of a series of games. 

"Our goal is to be the largest gaming library." Sullivan shares.
Both boys hope to be fully operational by the end of the summer!
Click HERE to get Axolotl Codding updates.

BC Capability Statement


More About What We Do

Strategy Writing Content

Batiste Consulting, LLC (BC) is an innovative, collaborative firm that does extensive customized, strategy-specific writing and consulting services for educational institutions, private corporations, and non-profit entities. Writing projects span from SACSCOC compliance writing and consulting for colleges to higher education curriculum modules for companies. Locally, BC is considering additional projects in Texas, Florida, and California. 


BC has over 24-years of experience providing workshops from classroom management K-12 teachers to change management for local government officials. Other workshops address the latest research in learning, student success, and leadership decision-making strategies. Internationally, BC is currently considering opportunities in China and other countries. 

Batiste Consulting, LLC secures a Contract Writing Financial Literacy Material for Advantage Design Group (ADG)

Batiste Consulting, LLC (BC) is proud to offer services to Advantage Design Group (ADG) writing content for use in colleges and universities around the country. ADG is a Florida-based company providing creative online orientation and on-demand technology solutions to higher education clients using the latest software.

BC to Offer Leadership Training to Houston Leaders

“BC’s goal is to provide these trainings in Houston, Harris County, and in other parts of the country where evidence-based, interactive workshops are needed.” Says Founder and Chief Content Strategist, Dr. Seth Batiste.

BC to Offer Additional Change Management Workshops

BC is excited to announce additional leadership training workshops for City Accreditation Program for Supervisors (CAPS) through the City of Houston Mayor’s Office in 2024.

Workshops begin in May and consist of change management theories and strategies.

BC is grateful for its Houston partnerships, especially it’s prized designation as a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

Kendall Hunt Publishing & BC Meet in Seattle, Washington

BC had a chance to spend time with senior leaders of Kendall Hunt Publishing in Seattle, Washington in February 2024 for the 43rd Annual First-Year Experience Conference, hosted by the University of South Carolina. Drs. Marsha Fralick (San Diego) and Batiste (Houston) co-presented workshops on happiness and brain learning topics. Both sessions were well attended, with the “happiness” workshop being standing room only. Information from the workshops is supported in College & Career Success, 9th Edition, which has been adopted by many U. S. colleges and universities. If your institution is interested in adoption, contact Kendall Hunt Publishing for a complimentary review copy of the textbook. Grants may be available in the state where you live. Individual copies of the text can be purchased HERE.

Seeking partnerships bids on 1) RFP writing 2) AI writing 3) financial literacy projects

What we do...

Batiste Consulting, LLC (BC) is a minority business enterprise (MBE) that meticulously performs complex institutional evaluations that address organizational goals while supporting the mission of that institution. Projects include program and course evaluation, accreditation and compliance consulting and document production, as well as student success content, which includes customizable textbook writing, textbook evaluation, and more.  

Finally, BC also provides passion-driven, research-supported subject matter expertise (SME) in a variety of subject areas.

BC is bilingual. 

BC has a highly capable network of associates that produce technical and creative writing materials. 

Recent projects include:

  • Course modules (financial literacy, and college & career topics) and textbook evaluations (HurixDigital, InfoBase, etc.)
  • Change Management workshops (City of Houston)
  • Collaborations for additional textbooks, including Christian textbook consideration (PROJECTED April 2024)
 Email for more information.

We are active in the community.

Some organizations and civic activities include: 
  1. Texas Association of College Teachers (TACT), President
  2. Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA), member
  3. American Federation of Teachers (AFT), member
  4. American Association of University Professors (AAUP), member
  5. College and Career Success, 9th Edition text for: colleges, high schools, and federally funded college prep programs, co-author
  6. Greater Houston Women's Chamber of Commerce (GHWCC), member
  7. Noggin Education Community Advisory Board - Dallas/Fort Worth, member