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College and Career Success Webinars ---Organizational Strategy----International 

Courtesy of Shivaughn Batiste, M.Ed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021
9:00am PT | 10:00am MT | 11:00am CT | 12:00pm ET

How did a professor and Chief Strategist for a community college in Texas work across several campuses and leverage seven steps to help build a vision for integrating technology? Join this quarter's Sense Makers webinar as we talk with Dr. Seth Batiste about his approach to creating and executing a plan from soup to nuts. Are you an Early adopter or a Laggard? Don't know? Let's discuss!.


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Financial Literacy Facilitation workshops for: 9-12 grade and college students

Batiste Consulting, LLC is writing financial literacy a major proposal for high school students, college students, and early adults. Workshops will focus on 1) saving; 2) budgeting; 3) interest; and 4) and other basic concepts. If you have worked in this area and would like to be involved, we are looking for talent for 2022 and 2023 projects. We value education and experience in this area. 

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Stay tuned. Batiste Consulting, LLC (BC) has recently filed for Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status. Follow @profbatiste on Twitter to receive updates there or login her. 

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October 1, 2021!!! -  New Technology BLOG series, featuring writer Katie Conroy 

Batiste Consulting Signs Influencer Contract with Augmented/Virtual Reality Company, zSpace, Inc.

 KLEIN, TEXAS – SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 - Batiste Consulting, LLC (BC), which released a new College and Career Success, 9th edition textbook earlier this year for use in US colleges and universities announced today it has      formed an influencer agreement with the education technology firm, zSpace, Inc. BC will act as an “influencer” for zSpace, working with educational institutions in Texas to connect and expand student engagement and learning with zSpace’s AR/VR learning platform.  

zSpace is the leading evidence-based augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) platform providing innovative hands-on, experiential learning to improve achievement in science, math and career and technical education credentialing. A comprehensive solution consisting of Windows-based AR/VR laptops or desktop computers, software, standards-aligned content, and professional development, zSpace can be implemented in-school, remotely, or in hybrid learning environments - anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Over 2,500 school districts, technical centers, community colleges and universities use zSpace to provide equitable access to instruction for millions of learners preparing for success in college and careers.


In August 2021, Sr. Executive Director of Workforce, Michael Carbenia for zSpace, shared a white paper outlining zSpace’s capabilities of emerging technologies’ role in improving student outcomes. zSpace’s user-friendly content, software, and hardware seem to support this claim. BC is considering ways to help connect and expand zSpace’s growth not just in Texas and the U. S. but in other countries as significant interest grows. [1] 


BC Chief Strategist, Dr. Seth Batiste, shared “I am pleased to work with a company so focused on growing individual minds. Innovations here have national defense implications. It complements the career related work I have been honored to do with Dr. Marsha Fralick extremely well, since we have released a digital version for the College & Career Success, 9th Edition textbook.”

To learn more about zSpace technology contact us at, or visit

To learn more about the College and Career Success, 9th Edition Textbook, contact us at, or visit (US) (Canada) (US & Europe)

Dr. Batiste can be reached at or visit

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We are proud to announce our Hire Houston First (HHF) Certification

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  • College Student Success Programs
  • College Education Programs
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K-12 & K-12 College and Career PATHWAYS
  • High School Dual Credit Programs
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Co-author of
College and Career Success, 9th Edition with Professor Emeritus Dr. Marsha Fralick

A big thanks to Weatherford College for adopting the College and Career textbook for 2021!!!

Announcing new partnerships with:


Announcing new collaborations with: 

The University of Brasilia

College and Career Webinars

Whether you are a higher education institution, K-12 entity, or a parent group interested in navigating the often complex college matriculation journey, we can provide the resources that foster successful pathway journeys for your student. Do you believe in saving time and money?

Innovative Organizational Strategy

We use the latest, evidence-based best practices and proven models to deliver comprehensive services that positively impact people and success. What business solution do you want solved?      


Batiste Consulting, LLC collaborates with trained bilingual/ESL experts from around the globe that include project collaborations in Spain, Brazil, Kenya, India, Canada, and Switzerland. What is your next project?    

ESL Capability Statement now available for potential partners seeking international and/or domestic educational collaborations

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Are you a grant writer? We'd love to talk to you about our OER initiative for Texas.

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About Seth Batiste, BC, LLC Founder & CEO

Dr. Batiste  has consulted educational institutions and community organizations across the United States in areas organizational change, management, and classroom discipline techniques. 

Dr. Batiste earned his doctorate in Leadership Studies from Our Lady of the Lake University School of Business and Management. Dr. Batiste is well-known as "Professor  Batiste" locally and is highly skilled in change management models that impact organizational productivity. 

Currently, Dr. Batiste is working with community stakeholders in the Houston Independent School District, Harris County Department of Education, and a growing list of policymakers in Harris County. 


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