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BATISTE CONSULTING, LLC Collaborates with Experts to Offer FREE Textbooks 

Open Educational Resources (OER) are online repositories for learning, research, and teaching material used by faculty at colleges and universities. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation defines OER resources that include modules, tests, techniques, textbooks, and other material that foster access to knowledge. Essentially, OER is anything that allows students to successfully master course concepts using copyrighted or licensed material.

Curriculum-sharing, lesson plans and other “open” content is shared on the OER platform, part of a global movement to make resources available to students. Distinguishing characteristics of OER include:

·       If the content resides in the public domain or has an open copyright status such as Creative Commons (, it can be used as           OER content.

·       If content is ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, it is not OER content.

Benefits of this platform include saving instructors time and effort in developing their own resources and the advancement of student learning. OER can be a catalyst for collaboration. I had an opportunity to chat with an educator and consultant who role helped to pioneer the development of OER resources to help offer free and affordable textbooks to students.

OER permissions are legally granted in advance and allow:  

The reuse of information

The retention of information

The redistribution of information

The synthesis of information

The reuse of information

-Example: This material is adapted from original writing by David Wiley, which was published freely under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license at

Finally, OER has been criticized for lack of peer review of content as well as an approach to get licensed content into the hands of students at the expense of authors and publishers.

Batiste Consulting, LLC has put together a small team of gifted individuals to assess OER’s benefit to students, publishers, authors, and the greater community. Professor Batiste would like to hear from you if you are interested in being part of this project; you can send him a quick message:


Defining OER | Understanding OER (


I am so proud of my daughter for her continued interest in leading by helping. In additional to the various activities she will participate in this summer, she hopes to learn more about herself. Needless to say, her mother and me are proud. Cheers! 

Dr. Batiste

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A big thanks to Weatherford College for adopting the College and Career textbook for 2021!!!

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Announcing new collaborations with: 

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About Seth Batiste, BC, LLC Founder & CEO

Dr. Batiste  has consulted educational institutions and community organizations across the United States in areas organizational change, management, and classroom discipline techniques. 

Dr. Batiste earned his doctorate in Leadership Studies from Our Lady of the Lake University School of Business and Management. Dr. Batiste is well-known as "Professor  Batiste" locally and is highly skilled in change management models that impact organizational productivity. 

Currently, Dr. Batiste is working with community stakeholders in the Houston Independent School District, Harris County Department of Education, and a growing list of policymakers in Harris County.