The Roof

Be a disciple to perfection in the Season of Follow and you will certainly falter for perfection is the wind. Dare to be different, but do not profane uniqueness. Dare to stumble and get better.

Eventually, any door will open; sometimes, the roof is the best way in. Ask, “Joe, the Plumber,” who fixes pipes.  

Faith is paralyzed around silence. Faith loves to hear.

Get up from your bed. Maintain the spirit of huff and puff to believe in the unseen. And, avoid the wayward crowds of the day.

Men with great egos mention titles. Almost never is emotional intelligence justly applied to power.

A perfect time is one to learn. Read, and learn. Skies do part in the process.

And, beds are surely taken up.

Up there is the roof. Up there was a roof, a near perfect one.