The Perfect Cup of Coffee


In the mist of all the happiness within a cup of coffee, I have been able to see that dangers of life. Of prayer and of listening. I reflect: there is presently lots to be done.  

I don’t want to spend a lot of faithful time on clear dangers but rather on pent-up preparation that lacks abundant detail. One songwriter wrote, “He is preparing me for something I cannot handle right now.” Am I ready for that something? Are you?  

Am I spending time making the right choices, choices that help me prepare for the hours, days, and years to come? Joshua was committed to serving God with his expectation high. What am I feeling in this moment as I gaze upon the lid of a cup?

A speech is an eventful privilege when something needs to be said. Speeches feel. Speeches are good and powerful.

If I were to write a speech this laid-back morning, I would write that I am attached to fear, succumb by the feeling of being undone. I am thankful for this careful reflection that listens to the whispers of the Spirit. How well do I sense the expectations God has of me in this stirred season?

If I were to give a speech right now, I would consider servant, faithful leadership and a large vast ocean filled with waves upon waves of water. The armies of waves come toward me as the horizon darkens with anxiety. I can taste the anxiety. The second line of my speech would proactively address milk and growth. I would also encourage myself and write about the now. There are so many opportunities to look at the negativity a day brings, but we forget about the streaming goodness of the present continuous.   You may have heard it called Morning Joe, The Best Part of Waking Up, and Good to the Last Drop. I prefer, “Life-Balance”.