Rode the Winds: Sienna Batiste

I rode the winds beyond the blue

To find something unfamiliar to me and you

I discovered that rainbows have no end

Yes, they go on and on my friend


I surfed the winds at full speed

And found a God who knew my every need

He promised he’d help me every day

But I shook my head and turned away


As soon as I left the wind settled down

And I fell from the sky, then I turned around

And there you were, still saving me

And in my darkest, you set me free


So, I turned my life over to you

You gave me a new name and saw me through

I tried to do what you would do

But from your lips these words flew:


Time and time again, child, you will fail

But don’t you cry, no don’t you wail

Since before your birth till you’re old and frail

I am always your anchor, so prepare to set sail


So I rode the winds out of the blue;

And told this story, now I’m anew

I hope one day you will too

Ride the winds beyond the blue

And seek God’s promises as I have too