PRESS RELEASE: Alvin Community College Upward Bound Adopts College and Career Success for Students


Contact: Deb Roth




Alvin Community College Upward Bound Adopts College and Career Success for Students


Alvin Community College (ACC) joins other Texas schools as new adoptees for its federally funded TRIO program, Upward Bound. The 9th edition of College and Career Success, authored by Marsha Fralick and Seth Batiste, is now available for purchase and course adoption. If you recognize these names, Dr. Fralick is well-known by area faculty and Dr. Batiste recently celebrated 12-years as full-time developmental English faculty at Lone Star College and once ran for local public office.


“I have always believed that education provides a means for accomplishing a person’s dreams.” Fralick shares.


Unlike its predecessor, the new edition of College and Career Success features a novel research-focused approach to student success through diversity and social issues with the aim of cultivating not just good students, but empathetic and responsible citizens in college and high school college readiness programs. A new focus is federally funded programs like TRIO.


“Students have wonderful stories to share. And, I believe this textbook is fun for faculty to teach.” Batiste, who has hired faculty and taught college success courses himself, notes.


Available in digital and print form, the textbook saves parents and students time and money by covering topics that allow students to explore engaging topics such as: motivation, personality, multiple intelligences, and career and education planning that fosters student success. These topics are vital for incoming college students (and existing K-12 College and Career Pathways) by providing them with the foundation and guidance that supports timely academic completion.


In addition to its relevant content, the publication is fortified with learning technology that allows students an interactive experience with the material, regardless of where they are learning from. The AchieveWorks personality quizzes, which Lone Star College already uses, are included with College and Career Success, as is the TruTalent platform, which adapts to student answers and adjusts their experience accordingly.


Rather than a static list of study instructions, College and Career Success, 9th Edition gives readers a dynamic set of strategies to succeed academically. The book uses science of the brain to improve memory and study skills, applying those skills to note-taking, writing, speaking, and test-taking. It also details the management of time and money, providing students with tips for the practical side of college living as well as the academic side.


Drs. Fralick and Batiste offer webinars and staff development for new and existing adoptions. If your TRIO program would like to schedule a demo of the content, please contact Deb Roth at:


Finally, the textbook provides ways to effectively manage communication and relationships, cultivate a habit of critical thinking, and maintain positivity. Ultimately, it explores the nuances of today’s tensions surrounding diversity and social issues, providing an angle of data and discussion that may be new to many readers.


The book is published with Kendall Hunt Publishing Company and is available on the company’s website. Interested educators may request a copy for review and/or adoption consideration by contacting Deb Roth, Fralick and Batiste’s Publishing Solutions Specialist,


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