Of Rules and Procedures

This makes me wonder what really matters. They dream in chains. What are chains?

Let's chat about senseless rules for the sake of being shackled. Still, the expectation for the poor of them is to show up early. One can not reach wealth by setting his own alarm clock; however, the wealthy make and set them.

Never lose sight of what matters. Pull your hands from your face. Wayward children find their way home with a little grace.

There is nothing worse than a law that ensnares the ignorant. Too many practice ignorance for the sake of conformity. They are lost on game day, but run the institution. At least they think they do.

Winter comes quickly for sloth. They see but cannot touch as their circumstances are far to abstract to be comprehended. They simply lead by following the wind.

One can see them licking a finger or two to put it into the air...on the calmest of days. What matters to a presidential candidate is winning. A track star wants to win. Winning comes from practice.

Too many dented sofas have potential sitting on them. These are the strong that matter. They do not know they matter.

They are so anxious to win that they only fail like the soldier trying to save his own life. Fathers are sovereign in his own home, a leader with the names of his sons engraved into his chest...not literally. God forms his dreams, but he molds them, for his steps are ordered.

His enemies attempt to melt his hopes. He does not have the resources on his own. A child deserves what his father has to give. Shame on the man that dashes hope.

May he walk in shame or not at all. Or, may he learn to walk for the first time. This is what really matters!

by Seth J. Batiste