Heavy Drinkers: An Open-Letter to WORRY and LONELINESS

By S. John Batiste

Oh, how the human mind can be consumed by the concept of “worry” and “loneliness” ...in some form. For some, these are long-time friends. For others, they come and go. They are two confusing beings.

Neither Worry or Loneliness lift. Neither supports. Neither is meant to be forever.

Both Worry and Loneliness long and are heavy drinkers. In fact, it took a moment to study these two drunken concepts. Let’s start with the one that ages us, WORRY.


Dear Worry: I do know your business all too well, how inflexible you are and free in spirit. If you were two birds, your flight paths would be quite erratic. You are crude in that you take up your own space with no regard for the other. You stay up late at night when you could easily fall asleep. You express yourself in unconventional ways. You hug space and time.

Loneliness is Worry’s cousin. Regardless of weather, Loneliness is a companion of companions, especially at certain times of the year. Here is my letter to Loneliness.


Dear Loneliness: You speak so many languages. Your hands reach for the strong and the weak. Should anyone reach for you, they feel the completeness you have for them, but it is not always a welcomed one. Though you believe in Unity, there is a certain lack you leave the owner of your space. Where do you fit, dear Loneliness? You do not say “I love you” in text messages, but resolve to change emotional languages to suit your arrogance.

These two family members are yoked similarly in the dynamics they permeate onto people. They are compatible yet carry a confused state. They achieve nothing if kept in secret, but when shared can move closer to the peak of commitment. Commitment is still afar off, very far perhaps.

Finally, this cruel experiment where reality meets reality. Risks are taken. Plans are drawn up. One-year…Two-years…Details are…are missing. But they are sure to come…sure to remain abstract…Sure to drive the sane person crazy, the sane to drinking.

And, the sane doeth drink without getting drunk. But, with these two constant companions, the sane have become heavy drinkers.