Free, engaging webinars featuring Diversity and Career Topics

Drs. Marsha Fralick and Seth Batiste have teamed up once again to offer free, engaging webinars, this time featuring the popular diversity and career topics.

Dr. Fralick’s four decades of work in college and career success covers the development of curriculum designed to streamline the amount of time and money students and parents spend on education by literally fostering them to tap student mental resources such as motivation, personality, and learning style. “I have always believed that education provides a means for accomplishing a person’s dreams.” Fralick shares.

Meanwhile, Dr. Batiste has spent the last 15 years working on projects related to higher education student success, including K-12 Pathways. “Why are nearly 60 percent of the top jobs in healthcare when the most popular major is still business?” Batiste asks. As a bilingual consultant since 2003, he has worked extensively with various careers and recently contributed to Dr. Fralick’s new diversity chapter for the College and Career Success 9th Edition, which also addresses workplace diversity as well as women workforce equity.


In the Career webinar series, Drs. Fralick and Batiste will share constructive, critical thought about careers, starting with a general overview to specifics with time allotted for participant questions on specific careers.


In the Diversity webinar series, Drs. Fralick and Batiste will share the latest research-based content on the topic.


Both webinars are free and open to all, especially individuals from K-12, higher education first-year experience (FYE) and orientation programs, non-profit, education innovators and advocates, and federally funded programs.

Finally, webinars slated for later this month and early February are expected to fill up quickly, so be sure to register today by clicking the following link:


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