Espera. Look carefully. Hands near a pot get burned.

Waiting, the thankful, humble trees sway to show their trusted colors. They prevail in waiting without enemy complaint. Has their situation changed?

New is a great, authentic constant. Man born of woman is promised this constant. Some people forget the importance of being alone with a wait.

We are in the final minutes of sucker defeat. But if we wait, victory is near. We should not fail to consider 4th quarter perspective.  

Happy is the man that sees through the peephole of pain (I Corinthians 2:9), the man who waits. Wait. (Psalm 13)

Let us lament of those lost in 2019. They are not forgotten. Of deep, shaken David was a man after God’s own heart.

David was dealt with bountifully of both riches and struggles. Like any man, he had his temptations. Oh, the hype of this man king.

David was constantly uncomfortable. I suppose things seemed quite dark. “How long?” Was the question.

David had intense passion, made poor choices, and traveled frequently trodden roads. He felt that God had forgotten him. He was not forgotten.

David’s decisions cost him his thrown, made for a bumpy, painful road. Yet, he asked the challenging questions. He was surrounded by his enemies in difficult, sorrowful times.

David was surrounded by his thoughts. Woke, David had a question: “How long?” His submitted sorrow was nothing new, yet something to ponder as a man ponders a waiting face.

“How long?” David waited for an answer to his question. He awaited a live promise.

From David’s experience, we learn to live a bit uneasy, uncomfortably and the like. Life is intimidating at times, not quite ideal by Utopian standards for us all. But we learn the scale is tipped in our favor if we keep our hands a safe distance from the heated pot.