Don't Forget Your Thank You

Do not forget to say thank you. Judge others, integrally, the way you want to be judged. Never say you don’t judge, for this is a lie from the time you belted a subject and a verb.

People judge from the perch they sit, never thinking about the history or moccasins of those they judge. They have not had time to consider the web, only their location in it. Indeed, the net is wide for any man.

For what human walks into a pit of alligators knowingly without being utterly foolish or naïve for doing so? Decisions are made with judgement. Judgement judges judgment. Far too few know this; perhaps fewer know that God is actually in control.

Silence is sometimes the loudest decision, but silence does not promote. Too many speak when they should not, and those that do speak intelligibly block the way of inefficient bureaucratic processes that are needed to thrive. Oh, and do not use the word “process” in all its meanings, vagueness. The bureau promotes specificity in a sea of vagueness.  

Those who forget the loyalties that follow them are doomed without reward. When one leads, integrity should follow. And, hopefully a thank you.


Dr. Batiste has a degree in Creative Writing.