Career Planning and Diversity Webinar with Drs. Marsha Fralick & Seth Batiste

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Careers & Diversity

Career Planning Increases Student Success

Students are more successful and motivated to complete their educational goals when they have made an informed choice of a major based on their personal strengths, vocational interests, multiple intelligences, values, and skills. Concepts from positive psychology can be used to help students create a vision for the future, increase motivation, build on their strengths, think positively about the future, and clarify what happiness and job satisfaction means to them. New advances in technology can help students connect their personal strengths to current job opportunities.


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Student Success Includes Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice

The new definition of student success includes an awareness and appreciation of diversity, equity, and social justice. First-year experience (FYE) courses can provide the opportunity to practice civil discourse and critical thinking to understand current social issues through different perspectives. Topics include communication techniques to encourage civil discussions, fallacies in reasoning, scientific method, and cognitive biases. A framework for discussing current social issues will be presented. There will be opportunity for questions and the sharing of ideas on this topic. Resources for teaching the diversity topic will be provided.


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