Before You Speak

There is something that speaks from the depths of a man that he often ignores. The words are not hasty. They do not accuse the assured. They do not behave badly.

Man is already so wealthy in the art of accusing himself. Sadly, he is not convicted by soothing words, but via shame of worry and fear. Convictions are not always condemnation.

From the spiritual sense, no one is bound by the laws of men. Yet, we are all convicts bound for life by our own self-made worry. Lights are dimmed by the turning of a light bulb.

The silent filaments have their life cycle. Each day we inhabit is a day in which the power of shame can ravage us, peace seemingly fleeting. Deep down, there is peaceful soothing that is not humane to peaceful shame.

These are the strong thoughts that transform in the formed and abstract. Words can have well-executed grace if allowed to flourish. Words can be captured or liberated; therefore, it is best to use a mysterious but sound method of pausing before confidently speaking. 

Inspired by Sarah Young, "Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence". Blog post above published March 19, 2019.