BC recognizes exceptional kids...

Sienna is no ordinary kid. Like many kids I run across, she is smart. As this 14-year-old matriculates into high school, many of her character traits strike me as quite unique.

For instance, Sienna is a musically inclined mature at a level well beyond her years, as she can deductively and inductively dissect the many social coming-of-age issues each generation faces. These skills are hard enough for any young person, but Sienna wears them well – like managing money well. Since I have known her, she has been quite the leader in these and other areas.

Sienna began reading books around the time she began talking. This would later lead to the gifted writer she is today. In one of her unpublished publications entitled, “I Did It Anyway,” she writes in her opening lines:

“Hi, my name is Katie, Ann, Leah…My parents couldn’t decide on one name, so they gave all the names they liked. Well, that’s not entirely true. My name is Katie; my mother told me not to tell you all those names, but I did it anyway…”

In her closing lines of this hilarious book that will have parents laughing at its truthfulness, Sienna writes:

“I guess, I finally have to admit that my mom and dad know a little more than me.

Maybe there’s a good reason for things when they tell me not to do stuff…Mom once said she didn’t think I would ever understand that…and guess what, I did it anyway!”

Her parents noticed her leadership prowess very early and decided that a Montessori education was the best fit for her. Sienna thrived in Montessori school only to suffer some setbacks with the rules of public school with approaches that do not always support creativity or leadership. As she grew, she expressed herself in art more and more, meeting middle school art teacher, Dr. Vivian Fridley-Hereford her 8th grade year, which became a life changing experience for her.

Despite the many life challenges, Sienna has learned one important lesson to share with the world. There will be plenty of challenges, but you mustn’t give up. In fact, she believes strongly in the notion of social fairness and justice. Her values have allowed her to excel into an extremely accomplished viola player. This past summer, she began providing viola lessons to her younger brother, while virtually tutoring a fifth-grade student in math. Sure, she did things the so-called normal kids did like travel, but she is no normal kid. She is quite exceptional in her leadership and realness. Batiste Consulting, LLC recognizes the realness of a beautiful human being. May you continue to WOW the world in the chapter of life we call high school. Cheers Sienna Batiste!