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A subject matter expert, or SME, is an individual who is an authority in a particular discipline. SMEs develop materials for companies, industries, and institutions in areas the entity sees as crucial. Batiste Consulting, LLC has extensive knowledge in a range of industry, including higher education, K-12, and private entities.

Some examples of SME services offered by BC are first-year experience (FYE) programs, college and career readiness, and leadership. Part of the process in working with an SME is ensuring that SMEs are involved in developing a quality product for company training and other areas. SMEs provide guidance and, if the client requests, strategy that improves the client’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

SMEs continue to gain knowledge through continuing education and experience. This allows SMEs to provide relevant, current, and innovative content.  SMEs can also help to identify and map the application of critical knowledge based on institutional goals. In essence, SMEs can create new knowledge for clients.

Batiste Consulting offers a variety of services associated with SME programs that consist of working with new clients to develop relevant objectives based on established goals. We can make suggestions about potential topics based on relevant research. Finally, BC is a global citizen willing to participate in the process in a way that fosters superior quality services.

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Seth Batiste, Ph.D.

Chief Global Strategist

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