Announcing a New Partnership with edOpp Solutions, LLC

Batiste Educational Services of Texas (BEST) announces a collaborative partnership with Houston-based edOpp Solutions LLC. BEST will provide learning facilitation and content development services.

edOpp Solutions LLC is a purpose-driven organization that passionately provides evidence-based, transformational learning and strategy solutions to businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and educational institutions.

"We're actively looking for facilitators that we can deliver an interactive, innovative and intensive learning experience to our clients. BEST brings the BEST in learning methodology and real-world application," says Crystal L. Bessix, President of edOpp Solutions.

Together, BEST and edOpp Solutions aim to create models of organizational success with supports and sustainability in mind. We believe collaboration and communication are key components for any organization to grow employees individually, collectively, and holistically.

"I'm excited to partner with a company that seeks to transform its clients’ purpose, people, processes and performance through learning," said Dr. Seth Batiste, Founder of BEST.

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Seth Batiste, Ph.D.
CEO/Founder - BEST