Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (photo credit)
by Seth J. Batiste

It is hard to believe I actually met one of the leaders of Gray Associates, Mr. Robert Atkins. Bob Atkins’ webinars are always informative as he shares trends, what’s growing, what’s not, and all things in between in higher education. One area that is growing is AI or Artificial Intelligence.

AI is growing by 109 percent, according to Mr. Atkins. Business Analytics is among the top fields as well, growing by over 200 percent. IPEDs were discussed, which are not indicative of what students want today because the data indicates predictions schools made about 6 years ago. Still, one can see trends over time.

In decline are masters level degrees, which may mean some prospective graduate students may have a better chance of getting into a particular school.

Mr. Atkins spoke of MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses. He shared that there are as many or more students taking these low-cost to free courses than there are in college programs around the country. Many taking these courses are from other countries.

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