Dear College Faculty and Staff Friends,

Hello. This message is a follow up to Dr. Matson’s recent announcement about Senate Bill 52, which will provide the post-secondary institutions with monies to help fund new building on higher education campuses.  

The Texas Association of College Teachers (TACT) actively lobbied the state legislature in support of Senate Bill 52. TACT works year-round to represent your interests as a faculty member of a Texas institution of higher learning and has been operating in that capacity for more than 70 years! Please seriously consider becoming a member of TACT today.

I believe it is important to note that TACT has never taken an adversarial stance with the administrations of universities or university systems. We are 100 percent pro- higher education. Our philosophy is that much more is accomplished by being diplomatic, and working with the legislature, than by essentially acting as an ‘attack dog’ (as some other faculty organizations tend to do).

Annual membership is only $158.00 (43 cents a day) and includes Educator’s Professional Liability Insurance (EPLI), which provides protection of up to $3,000,000 per covered occurrence (coverage includes Civil Rights issues and other legal matters that may befall faculty).


Dr. Seth Batiste

Professor (ret.) / Consultant

TACT Board Member

Dr. Batiste can be reached at seth@batisteconsulting.us or visit www.batisteconsulting.us.