A Name...

Put lips together lick this…and the tongue like that…to make that syllabic sound.

This is not a new language to be learned. It is far greater than just greeting. In fact, it is the essence of completeness, wholeness.

Say it by a lonely bay.  

It is empathy. It is a sign of care. It respects.

The ears hear it. It begins like this. It sounds like that.

It makes the young perk up and the old remember. It is a sunrise sunset in one motion of the windpipes. It can be voiced in whisper form or enthusiastically emphasized.

It is nature. It is hardship. It is a little boy with destined courage and the will to not give up.

Like a rose by any other name is a rose, can a name never uttered aloud still be a name? Names are ambitious, not just mere sounds. They have meanings and goals.

Names are rebellious, peaceful, and comforting.

Some tell fortuitous stories. Some tell of a horrid past. Some names are just plain plastic.

Bullies use names to evoke emotion, a fight, and to hide their hurt.

Have you ever met a bully who refused to use such sticks and stones to achieve glory?

An architect builds a building. Does he ever want to know the name? He will surely not rest until that which as a mere nothing becomes something.

No one will understand his plight but him. After all, some of our greatest structures bear the name of the creator. Make an appointment and a name is freely shared.

Humanity loves to appoint names. Thunder sounds. The world is filled with water where a dip of the head muffles what is truly important – the audible, open bliss, the poetic nature of it.

Can one rest if his name is so meaningless it never achieves accented form? It never leaves the great dark sea of the unformed to never have successful meaning. Oh, the curse of curses to not having meaning.

The questions about reality. The vagueness of space. Delayed brimmed fulfillment.

Without meaning, the unformed, unspoken meanders in a mastered chaos. Nothing to pursue it because of its un-birth. This absence of a name negates the Adam story.

Thus, questions are asked in earnest. Fleeting answers and dry wall are achieved.

With so much creativity in the world, we fail at the foothills where the tongue is the most powerful muscle, yet seldom used to communicate that much needed sound that brings closure.