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Batiste Consulting Signs Influencer Contract with Augmented/Virtual Reality Company, zSpace, Inc.

 KLEIN, TEXAS – SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 - Batiste Consulting, LLC (BC), which released a new College and Career Success, 9th edition textbook earlier this year for use in US colleges and universities announced today it has formed an influencer agreement with the education technology firm, zSpace, Inc. BC will act as an “influencer” for zSpace, working with educational institutions in Texas to connect and expand student engagement and learning with zSpace’s AR/VR learning platform.  


zSpace is the leading evidence-based augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) platform providing innovative hands-on, experiential learning to improve achievement in science, math and career and technical education credentialing. A comprehensive solution consisting of Windows-based AR/VR laptops or desktop computers, software, standards-aligned content, and professional development, zSpace can be implemented in-school, remotely, or in hybrid learning environments - anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Over 2,500 school districts, technical centers, community colleges and universities use zSpace to provide equitable access to instruction for millions of learners preparing for success in college and careers.


In August 2021, Sr. Executive Director of Workforce, Michael Carbenia for zSpace, shared a white paper outlining zSpace’s capabilities of emerging technologies’ role in improving student outcomes. zSpace’s user-friendly content, software, and hardware seem to support this claim. BC is considering ways to help connect and expand zSpace’s growth not just in Texas and the U. S. but in other countries as significant interest grows. [1] 


BC Chief Strategist, Dr. Seth Batiste, shared “I am pleased to work with a company so focused on growing individual minds. Innovations here have national defense implications. It complements the career related work I have been honored to do with Dr. Marsha Fralick extremely well, since we have released a digital version for the College & Career Success, 9th Edition textbook.”

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